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Master of Malt That ‘That Boutique-y Whisky Company’ Highland park x 3

5 November 2012 969 views Written by: Gal Granov

If you remember my Maltstock post, regarding the That Boutique-y Whisky Company tasting, the highland park samples did not arrive for the tasting and we were all to get samples in the mail and then vote on the favorite which will then be bottled with our group photo on the bottle. so, a few weeks went by, and as promised a wee package with 3 sample bottles from MoM arrived for me (and other to try). I sat down and tried those all in one sitting, here are my notes:

Sample #1 , 42.3% abv ,(£74.95)dram1234

Nose: sweet with big sherry. A certain peaty heathery aroma. Dusty. Meaty. Dried fruit : fig sultana.

Palate: sherry sweetness. Honey. Spice. Not much smoke but that fragrant peat is here. A bit if earth with plums and raisins.

Finish: wood spice sugar sherry and dried fruit.

A rather sweet Hp. Without much smoke. And wee peat.

dram1234Sample #2 ,44.1% abv , (£74.95)

Nose: less sweet. With more citrus on the edges. Peat and more earth. Not much dried fruit.

Palate: spicier and feels more alcoholic. Getting sweeter. With sultanas honey liquor. Cereals. Lots of peat. Some smoke. Meatier.

Finish: smoke sultanas and prunes.

Sample #3 44.2% abv , (£74.95)dram1234

Nose: Reminds me of #2. More peat. Less fruit. Mineral.

Palate: not as sweet and spicy. But some golden syrup. Malt and hefty peaty and earthy stuff. Tannins. With quite some wine influence.

Finish : earthy peat and sweet and bitter end.

So which one was my Favorite you ask? they were all lovely, but i really dug #2. It was not as young as #1, and had that lovely earthy peat, on the nose with a rich dried fruit and subtle peat on the palate a meaty middle and smoke at the end, IMHO a good profile , classic HP, and complex. I would go with that. Let’s see what the rest of the gang will think. any results yet, Ben?


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  • Sjoerd de Haan

    Damn, you received those as well? Still nothing in Krommenie… :(

    • http://www.whiskyisrael.co.il Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

      sad news my friend. i got them a few weeks ago…