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A blind Mackmyra Twitter tasting event

13 February 2012 2,906 views Written by: Gal Granov

A long time passed since I last tasted a Mackmyra. The last twitter tasting was lots of fun, and left me wanting more. I was very happy to hear that Colin (the scots dreamer) and Angela D’orazio (Master blender at Mackmyra) are holding another online tasting, this time Blind!

A few weeks ago a lovely package arrived with 5 sample bottles numbered 1-5, no clue what they were (except #1 which I specifically asked to taste, after seeing Angela tweet about the new “White Dog” being sold by Mackmyra. Angela was very helpful and suggested we add it to the next tasting). The tasting date was delayed a few times, and boy was it tough resisting my urge to pop open those 5 beauties. But I managed .


So, at last. the time has come, and at 21:00 Israeli time, Kids in bed, wife sleepy, I was all prepared for the task : trying 5 Mackmyra’s . Someone has to do it right? ;)

Angela and Colin which were leading the tasting, started by telling us about the new distillery built by Mackmyra. This brand new “Gravitational” distillery (meaning everything is pumped high up, and from there we let Gravity do it’s magic, no additional pumping is needed). This new Facility will boost production by a great deal. Let’s hope it will enable Mackmyra offer their whisky in more countries worldwide…

Time for tasting:

photo (7)

Mackmyra #1 – New Make (White Dog / ‘Vit Hund’)

This clearly is new make. With the distinct smell up front, and it does bring memories of some distillery visits, with that amazing smell…

Nose:no big surprises so far : classic new make, with green apples, pears and some potatoes (yes, you got that right. the smell of potatoes after peeling them and putting them in water to rinse) ,I am also picking up some wee smoke, spice,and a bit of anise.

Palate:Quite oily. Herbal, grassy, fruity and malty with a good amount of barley sugars too.

Finish :Earthy, with barley. getting bitter. no fruit anymore, a rather interesting finish.

Bottom line:

This is a nice new make, as nice as they come. You will  not catch me sipping on those regularly, but it’s very interesting to see how the whisky starts, and develops in the barrel from A to B. All in all, a rather enjoyable spirit, Not at full strength , and quite diluted to around 40%.

Mackmyra #2 (Special ’07)

This time we’re getting some oak, definitely aged spirit colour, nose and palate. A bit young I might say. here we go:

Nose: A very interesting nose indeed with Banana  peel , vegetal notes as well ( vegemite  / marmite  those two evil spreads that only Anglo Saxons can every like), spice, and very gentle wood notes.
palate: Starts very spicy on the palate, then going bitter, malty with some salty notes as well.
finish : Medium  malty with salt sprinkled on it, as well as spices, a-la rye.

A very nice young malt, with a lovely nose, and interesting palate.

Mackmyra #3 (Moment Rimfrost)

This one was quite different than #2.

Nose:  Starting with a whiff of acetone, lemon , dough , wet wood, cherubs,,nuts and some vanilla too. a rather odd combo i might add.

Palate: Spicy, peppery, some nougat, also quite mineral with a splash of  fruit, berries.

Finish: fruity, sweet and zingy spice with some wood and that acetone bite.

Bottom line:

This ones feels a bit young, and alcoholic.

Mackmyra #4 (Moment Norrsken)

As some of us notes, this one is related somehow to #3. similar nose and feeling to it…

Nose:  Acetone, lemon grass, some malt is hidden behind those… pear drops.
Palate: Spices, ginger, sweet syrup, malt , lemon drops, and the pears from the nose, lemon grass as well. all very lemony / zingy.
Finish : Grass, sweet sugars,spices

Bottom line:

Nice but not as nice as #2 or #5 we were about to try…

Mackmyra #5 (Smoky 30-lit Ex-sherry 3yo)


Nose:  OMG. we’re in a different world. Peat and smoke enter the game and the nose is a party! Peat, sherry, and smoke: the holy trinity. spent matches, fire crackers. dark fruits with smoke. wood logs, dusty shed. smoked bacon. damn!
Palate: Heavy stuff : Smoke, sherry, smoked ham, BBQ marinated beef, black tea. OMG.
Finish: sweet,smoke, looooooooooong. Wow.

Wow! one big Wow! what is this? It’s brilliant. It’s young, yet it feels right. the nose is complex, and the palate is wonderful, and the finish doesn’t end. I love this one, I need a bottle!  I was very disappointed to hear that I can not buy a bottle of this one, and need to order the entire cask. Usually it would be an option, with my whisky club or friends, but importing a barrel or a lot of bottles to Israel with our insane (200%!!!) tax rate on whisky will render this impossible. Fine stuff i tell you, I was not expecting something like it. An Ace whisky. high 80’s really high on the scale.

What a night, and what an enjoyable event. I remember last time as good, but this tasting was really great, and i feel i really came to know Mackmyra whisky better. You know what? It does get better and better. I was genuinely surprised and with this last one, i was blown away. Good work Angela! I do hope that with the new distillery and enhanced output we’ll be able to see Mackmyra spread internationally.

Many thanks to Angela and Colin who arranged this twitter event. Good work! it was smokin’!


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