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Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Take II : Thomas H. Handy Sazerac 2010

19 September 2011 2,162 views Written by: Gal Granov


So, we continue our little journey through the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, and this time with the T.H.Handy 2010, straight Rye.I’m quite fond of rye whiskies, and this one is no exception. It turned out to be a fab example of rye whiskies. This one should be around 6 years of age, and is bottled at a whopping Cask strength of 63.45%. Mamma mia.

Let’s dive…thomas-h-handy-straight-rye-2010-release-whisky

Thomas H. Handy Straight Rye, 2010,63.45% ABV, £108

Nose: A rye nose but not as powerful rye as expected , and that is a good thing. Spicy almost peppermint-y. The kind you find in cinnamon pepper bubble gum. In addition lots of Vanilla ,some dill, liquorice. a twist of Turkish delight and rose water. Wow! That is one hell of a complex nose.
Palate: It needs some time to open and release all those lovely flavours , Starting hot and sweet. With a lot of sugar, maple, milk chocolate and chilly. A stunner.
Finish: Rye notes and spices. Fairly long.

Bottom line:

This is nothing short of a stunner. Complex, with a lot of oomph, and rye goodness. I love it. It’s not the most rounded of all, but it’s good for you! Not cheap, but if you’re in the USA you can find it a lot cheaper at around $80. Now that’s an amazing price over there.

Score: 90/100

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