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[25 Jul 2012 | 2 Comments | 2,380 views]
Blended Malts Evening at Whisky Israel tasting  Society

A few months ago when it was much cooler, and one could drink whisky without the need of A/C 24 hours a day, The whisky Israel tasting society convened for an evening of Bring your own whiskies. The Theme was Blended Malts (Or Vatted Malts like we used to call them before the SWA messed things up). Each brought a …

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[26 Jun 2011 | 2 Comments | 1,826 views]
Whisky Israel Society – Springbank Tasting

As we posted at the beginning of June, WI Society were to have our first open to the public gathering, with a Springbank tasting and a special guest. Well, as posted and promised, we did!
On June 13, at HaBerez (The Tap) Mini-Bar at Tel Aviv, we’ve gathered together WI Society members and friends to enjoy what was a great whisky …

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[2 Jun 2011 | 3 Comments | 1,208 views]
Whisky Israel Society Springbank Tasting Event, June 13, Tel Aviv

The Whisky Israel Society is proud to announce of its first public tasting event to be held June 13, at HaBerez (The Tap) Mini-Bar at Tel Aviv.
Special guest to the event is Mr Jonathan Ishai of the Israeli Whisky Society who will give a lecture about Springbank and Campbeltown.
This will be followed by a guided tasting, by Whisky Israel Society’s …

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[30 May 2011 | 6 Comments | 2,796 views]
Whisky Israel Society Summit #4 – Whiskey

It has been some few months since the last Whisky Israel Society Summit #3 (Highland Park theme), time in which all of us found ourselves a little too busy, and so almost half a year later, finally our next summit took place.
We have been planning to give Irish whiskies a dedicated tasting for a while now, and standing to our …

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[6 Jan 2011 | 3 Comments | 3,215 views]
Whisky Israel Society Summit #3 – Highland Park

Two months passed since the Whisky Israel Society summit #2 (which was all about Sherry aged whiskies), and it was time (long overdue) for summit #3. The idea for this summit’s theme was actually raised at the end of its previous as we had one Highland Park (1994), which was not all that impressive, and as some of the lads …

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[25 Oct 2010 | 10 Comments | 3,585 views]
Whisky Israel Sherry (mostly) Summit #2

A few good months passed since the Whisky Israel Peat (and others) Summit #1 we held at the end of July, and we were all very keen on having another summit, and the sooner, the better. Just like with the previous gathering, plenty of emails, phone calls, tweets and dates moving around were involved until we all were content with …

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[24 Oct 2010 | No Comment | 742 views]

Good morning whisky friends,
I am very happy and flattered to be included in a series of interviews by Oliver Klimek of Dramming.com, a leading whisky blog (selected by the Malt Whisky Yearbook 2011 as one of the worthwhile blogs to read).
It’s a big honour to be included in such a list of great whisky friends and experts such as , …

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[29 Jul 2010 | 10 Comments | 3,514 views]
Whisky Israel Peat (and others) summit #1

After several days of preparations and discussions via emails and phones, the date and time was set for the first WhiskyIsrael Peat Summit. Kfir Bloch, Gal Granov, Igal Tabachnik and I met at Kfir’s place in the hot and humid town of Ramat Gan, located in the Israeli coastal area.
July in Israel is not a very whisky welcoming time and …