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[22 Jun 2014 | No Comment | 503 views]
A quick peaty delight : Wemyss Malts ‘The Bosun’s Dram’ 1997 single cask from Bunnahabhain

Nothing like a good peated 1997 Bunny to get you going and please the peat buds. 1997 Bunnahabhains are quite common among Indie bottlers, this was the year Bunnahabhain started producing heavily peated malt too, and i guess many casks were sold to IB’s I’ve reviewed quite a bit of 1997 Bunnies, and they are usually very nice, this one …

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[16 Jun 2014 | No Comment | 505 views]
Wemyss Clynelish 1997–“Apple Basket”

Let’s kick start this week with a single cask distilled at Clynelish (although not an average Clynelish), and bottled by Wemyss. I do love apple pies and apple crumbles and anything with cooked apples (my weak spot, along with lemon pies). So, what better than to try a liquid form of those?
Wemyss Malts Clyenlish 1997 , 46% abv, “Apple Basket”.
Nose: …

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[15 Jun 2014 | No Comment | 598 views]
Lead On MacDuff! [Wemyss Malts]

Lead on Macduff! (for those who are not well acquainted with the works of one, W.Shakespeare) is a famous quote from Macbeth,but actually It’s rather a misquote as the original text states “Lay on, Macduff, and damned be him who first cries ‘Hold! enough!’” well, close enough right? and a very very cool name given to this 2002 young-ish whisky …

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[20 May 2014 | No Comment | 709 views]
A most unusual Mortlach or Pastille Bouquet 1998 – Wemyss Malts (Mortlach)

Mortlach. what comes to mind when you think about a Mortlach single malt? probably heavily sherried, dirty sort of, meaty and powerful with the signature oxtail notes, right? Wrong. This single cask by Wemyss was dram #2 at last week’s Twitter tasting I took part in (lovely tasting by the way), and left me completely surprised as I was not …

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[15 May 2014 | No Comment | 574 views]
Lord Elcho Blended whisky (NAS)

The latest addition from Wemyss Malts, after the successful 15 year old similar blended whisky. This contains a fairly high percentage of malt (40%) and is bottled without an age statement, I tasted this one as part of the Wemyss Malts Twitter tasting session we just held.
Lord Elcho NAS, 40% abv, £23.95
Nose: Sweet dough, hint of butterscotch and a cooked …

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[15 May 2014 | One Comment | 572 views]
Peat Smoked Herring 2001 – Wemyss Malts (Bowmore) in preparation for #WemyssTT3

It’s Thursday and tonight we’re having another twitter tasting of Wemyss malts (the new Lord Elcho,Peat chimney 8 yo and two single casks). To get into the mood I’ve tasted a few of the recent releases of single casks by Wemyss, starting with this young Bowmore.  There are only 405 bottles bottled at 46% abv (yes, i know).
Peat Smoked Herring …

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[28 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 816 views]
Wemyss Malts ‘Tarte au Citron’ – Auchentoshan 1998

This is the last sample I have left untried from the latest batch of 12 single casks released earlier this year by Wemyss. I do love me a good tarte au citron, so This sounded delicious from the start.
Tarte au Citron 1998 – Wemyss Malts (Auchentoshan) , 46% , £77
Nose: Starts very nice with dough and lots of crème de …

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[21 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 946 views]
Wemyss malts Coconut and Sandalwood – Longmorn 1992

Another cask from the latest batch of Wemyss, This one is a Longmorn (not had one of those for some time!!) vintage 1992, and bottled at 46% like the rest of them.
Wemyss malts Coconut and Sandalwood  , 46% abv
Nose: Mega coconut notes here. Really thick. Vanilla and quite a bit of wood of sandalwood if you wish. It’s very …

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[19 Nov 2013 | No Comment | 1,005 views]
Wemyss Malts Glen Scotia 1991 “Merchant’s Mahogany Chest”

This is another single cask from the latest batch of 12 casks released by Wemyss just recently. If you remember, I’ve reviewed another Glen Scotia 1991 by Wemyss a few months ago -  the “Salted Caramels”, but these two apart from the same vintage, are really very different, quite excellent each in its special way. It’s so very interesting to …

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[7 Nov 2013 | One Comment | 1,312 views]
Wemyss Malts “Seaweed on the rocks” Bunnahabhain 1991

Last month Wemyss malts announced an epic release of 12 single casks in one go. I managed to get hold of 6 of those, and will be reviewing them on the blog in the coming weeks. The first I chose to review was this Buna 1991. I was in the mood for a mild Islay and what better specimen than …