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[26 Feb 2015 | No Comment | 1,465 views]
The new Port Charlotte PC 12 (Travel Retail) – Review

I can’t believe Port Charlotte 12 is out, It seems like yesterday when the baby PC5 came out, and it was HUGE. This toddler is now a teenager, and I am loving the way it developed over the years. This is the oldest PC EVER (there are a few Indie PC of the same age).
Yesterday’s Octomore TR edition (7.2) proved …

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[17 Feb 2015 | 2 Comments | 556 views]
SMWS 127.37 ‘Dinosaurs dancing to Stravinsky’ port Charlotte 9 yo  – Review

It’s Winter, and the night are quite cool, as cool as they get in our neck of the woods… Yes, It’s not Canada cold (more like Canadian spring), but it’s the perfect time to sit back and relax with a lovely peat monster. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately, and this wee sample was sitting patiently waiting to get …

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[23 Nov 2014 | No Comment | 1,471 views]
Port Charlotte Islay barley – Review

After reviewing the Octomore Islay Barley, it’s time for it’s “little brother” the Port Charlotte Islay barley.  Harvested in September 2008 from the farms at Coull, Kynagarry, Island, Rockside, Starchmill & Sunderland, peated to 40 PPM, then distilled in December of the same year, it is also around 5 years of age, diluted to 50% then bottled.
Port Charlotte Islay Barley …

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[22 Oct 2014 | 2 Comments | 817 views]
Port Charlotte 12 year old–The Maltman

Been a while since I tasted a new cask from the Maltman, and every time it’s fun with this cool little IB. Port Charlotte, I love Port Charlotte, and this is the oldest PC I’ve tasted to date, it’s the oldest around I think. PC11 OB was brilliant, so how is one more year and a different cask will affect …

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[2 Apr 2014 | 3 Comments | 2,642 views]
Port Charlotte PC11 (Travel Retail edition)

Bruicladdich released this PC11 along with Octomore 6,2 (watch this space for tasting notes coming soon!) a few months back to the travel retail market. This is the first time Port Charlotte or Octomore are sold there AFAIK, but there is a catch : They did not release it to the UK travel retail market ,perhaps because of the very …

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[13 Jan 2014 | 4 Comments | 1,874 views]
Tasting Port Charlotte PC10

It’s time for an OB Port Charlotte tasting note isnt’t it? the last time I’ve posted such a tasting note it was for the lovely PC7. Since then I’ve tasted the PC9 (no notes, just for fun) and a few indie PCs  (here and here ) which were crackers. I love this profile of highly peated Laddie, one notch before …

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[27 Feb 2013 | 3 Comments | 1,361 views]
Port Charlotte 2002 (Malts of Scotland) cask 1172

Having a bad nose week , and a bad week all together after catching the flu. Good i have some tasting notes waiting i Queue, as it seems no tasting is happening this week at whisky Israel towers. This one is really overdue, and was a part of a MOS bottle share organized by the one and only Sjoerd (NL). …

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[24 Jun 2011 | 5 Comments | 2,609 views]
Tasting Port Charlotte 9 yo, Single Cask bottled for whisky friends Denmark

In my daily ramblings in cyberspace I get to meet a lot of whisky friends from all over the world be it Europe America or Australia. I was fortunate enough to have met a few lovely Danish whisky lovers , one of which frequents Israel so we actually got to meet a couple of times. The last time we met, …

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[6 Apr 2010 | 8 Comments | 2,241 views]

Port Charlotte distillery was founded in 1829 by Collin Campbell and was called “Lochindaal distillery” originally, and was finally closed in 1926 but it’s buildings still stand in place of the original location, some are used as a youth hostel, a garage , and its warehouses are used by the Bruichladdich distillery.
On March 2007, Bruichladdich distillery has announced its …

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[18 Mar 2010 | 9 Comments | 2,868 views]

Today’s post is dedicated to Norrie Campbell (or as some know him : Kimbel). For those who are not familiar with Norrie and Peat, here’s a brief account of both:
Peat is defined as the accumulation of partially decayed vegetarian matter. The Peat forms in bogs, swamps and moors and since it’s a very good source for energy it’s used worldwide …