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[26 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 631 views]
Kilchoman’s first foray into the Travel Retail market : The ‘Coull Point’

It was only a matter of time until this happened, and does not really come at a surprise to anyone who’s been monitoring the whisky scene, A NAS for the travel retail. There you have it, Kilchoman also wants in, and the TR market has its own rules, basically, cheap NAS at higher prices due to the price pressure of …

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[26 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 631 views]
Kilchoman 5 Year Old 2008 – Single Cask (Master of Malt)

Can’t go wrong with a young peaty Kilchoman , can you? Well, you can’t really, but I’ve had some less interesting single cask Kilchoman (and one OB I own) which were not as good, I’ve also had a cracking 4 year old single cask Indie, so I was hoping this one was going to be a cracker, and it damn …

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[5 Nov 2013 | 2 Comments | 1,254 views]
Tasting Kilchoman 2007 , 6 yo–oldest Kilchoman yet

Kilchoman has been releasing young and younger expressions in recent years, and patience does pay : they are now releasing a regular (non single cask) bottling of their oldest stock to date : 2007 vintage which is 6 years of age. After the brilliant 100% Islay, and Machir Bay editions(both reviewed on the blog). This is a vatting of 100% …

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[6 Aug 2013 | One Comment | 1,018 views]
Kilchoman Machir Bay 2013 edition

Time for some more Kilchoman fun this time the 2013 edition of the Machir Bay. It’s a bit different than the 100% Islay (it’s not 100% Islay duh!) in cask composition : bine a vatting of five year old bourbon-matured whisky, and four year old bourbon-matured and Oloroso-finished malt, which should  give it a sweeter fruitier profile. It’s bottled at …

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[1 Aug 2013 | One Comment | 1,317 views]
Kilchoman 100% Islay 3rd edition , 2013

This is the latest release in the 100% Islay range, which is a quite unique Islay peated malt as it is the only Single Malt in Scotland where every stage of the whisky making process, from the barley grown in the surrounding fields to the malting, distillation, maturation and bottling, takes place at the distillery, as it should be in …

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[18 Dec 2012 | 2 Comments | 1,118 views]
Tasting Single Cask Nation Kilchoman 2007

Single Cask Nation is a range of single cask bottlings by the Jewish Whisky Company , set up by  Joshua Hatton, Jason J.Yellin and  (two well known bloggers at Guid Scotch Drink and Jewmalt Whisky) and Seth who is a more silent member of the team and not a blogger. It’s not a secret that Josh and I are old …

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[12 Sep 2011 | One Comment | 2,247 views]
The Whisky Exchange–Whisky Show Bottlings

Living in Israel sucks big time when it comes to whisky events. I find myself wishing i lived nearer Europe so i could just hop on a train and be able to attend more whisky events. If you are not aware of it, then you should – The Whisky Exchange are organizing the whisky show this October (7th & 8th) …

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[14 Jan 2010 | 13 Comments | 1,481 views]

Note: this is part 2. Read part 1 of the trip here.
Early Saturday morning on Islay, and we are set to go on another adventure! After eating a delicious breakfast that our lovely host prepared for us, we were set to try and explore some more distilleries. Unfortunately there were no tours at Lagavulin and Ardbeg on a Saturday, so …

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[7 Jan 2010 | 18 Comments | 1,862 views]

I’ve written about Kilchoman in my Hebrew blog before, but until this moment have been unable to taste their nectar. The first batch of their 3-year-old whisky (the first malt which was legally a “whisky”) got snatched so fast from stores. one blink of the eye, and all were gone. Luckily i was able to secure a bottle of their …