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Isle of Jura 1988 Archives by Whiskybase

25 October 2012 1,850 views Written by: Gal Granov

I received some very interesting samples of various bottling for the “Archives” series by Isle of Jura 1988 Arc - WHISKYBASEwhisky base. All single casks, bottled at CS, and from a wide variety of distilleries, will be going to post notes about them all (10 or so) in the coming month. The first of which is a lovely and very different Isle Of Jura bottling. Only fitting as this month I’m running the “Win a 30 year old Jura” competition on the blog. (have you participated yet?, if no, click here!).

Isle of Jura 1988 , Archives,  24 yo , 51.3 %, cask # 752 , € 84.95

Nose: starts very fruity even  Exotically so.. Ripe banana. Melon. Some wet hay and farmy notes that balance the fruitiness, but add a nice facet to it (Stables, hay, manure) A wee coastal sea breeze too (we’re in jura after all a wee island surrounded by the sea).

Palate: rather sweet , fruity and malty with nuts , wood resin , peat and an earthy feeling to it, much more earthy and peaty than OBs. (not the peated ones)

Finish : Earthy peat, smoke, malt and wood.

Quite an unusual Jura. But very nice, worth a try and experience Jura as you won’t in the OBs.

Score: 88/100

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  • Vanbellingen Glenn

    You have to try to taste the TWA jura 1988. It’s also a good one.

    • http://www.whiskyisrael.co.il Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

      I’ve heard good things about that one too. Need to try. any samples of that? ;)

  • Vanbellingen glenn

    Yes i have maybe you can sent me a email with you’re adress?

    • http://www.whiskyisrael.co.il Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

      sure. what is your emai?

      • Vanbellingen glenn

        Maybe you can sent me a email on Facebook. Then my email stays private.

        • http://www.whiskyisrael.co.il Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

          sure, whats your FB page? i cant find u there..

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