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Tasting Duncan Taylor Brora 1981 – 23yo cask 1425

4 September 2012 1,540 views Written by: Gal Granov

Brora distilleryBrora Brora. With today’s prices, it’s hard to afford old Broras, and the last Diageo Special releases 35 year old went up to £400. I was lucky enough to be able to taste this wonderful dram courtesy of my good whisky friend Phil. he sent over a sample my way, but It was with him one night, that I was able to enjoy a generous dram, and it was excellent. A few weeks later, I retested it , giving it more time (like it deserves) and liked it even more. A wonderful sherry cask.

Brora 23 yo 1981/2005 61%, Duncan Taylor, cask #1425, 542 bottlesbrora_DTC

Nose: Big sherry, meaty sort of, quite some sulfur, but hey i like this! a bit of smoke, and a hefty load of brine, salty sort of, plum jam, apples, ripe figs and some dried fig high in sugar …  lovely combination of sweet fruity jams, sugar and salty notes. if you do not like big monstrous sherry, then it’s not for you, however if you like it… you’re in seventh heaven. and so am I

Palate: thick, oily and almost chewable sherry. viscous stuff, it’s almost jam like. great mouth feel, strong. a lot of sugar,and plum jam and fig jam from the nose, with more smoke and much much more brine here. salty, and enticing. some coffee notes as well, and maybe a dash of rum. this is a wonderful palate, very masculine. Sherry colossus but lovely it is.

Finish : sherry, plums smoke and brine.

A total stunner if you are a sherry sort of person.

Score: 92/100

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  • http://twitter.com/jfpilon jfpilon

    You are a lucky guy. This one is straight from my bucket list whiskies!

    • http://www.whiskyisrael.co.il Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

      ;) i am blessed with good whisky friends. what can i say!