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Macallan Revamp of basic range to NAS–good or bad?

28 June 2012 1,457 views Written by: Gal Granov

Macallan-LogoTwo days ago The Macallan announced it would be revamping it’s basic range : Removal of 10-15 sherry oak and “Fine Oak”, and replacing them with 3 NAS expression called : Gold, Sienna and Ruby (named after their colors). You do not have to worry as the older and beloved expression 18 and up will continue to be sold as before.

A bold move? a silly move? a colossal mistake? What do YOU think about it?

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  • Gert-Jan (GJR71)

    Hmmm Quite unable to answer the poll. I only know the stories about these ranges (fine oak mwah, sherry oak better, but old macallan mjam). In my humble opinion, at first WTF but after giving it a thought, well if it taste fine I don’t mind. 

  • http://cocktailchem.blogspot.com JordanDevereaux

    It’s a risky move. Time will tell how important age statements were for lower-information customers. The idea that color is enough to indicate quality is obviously pretty dubious given how much can be faked with E150.