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Tasting ‘Men o’Quiach’ – 1972 Caperdonich 38yo

18 June 2012 1,167 views Written by: Gal Granov

quaichMen o’Quaich is an IB label created by a group of Russian single malt whisky aficionados (Timothy, Paul, Vladislav, Alexis and Mikhail). It consists of old and older casks which are then transferred into an octave sherry cask of small dimensions (and volume) for a few months to ‘finish’ the liquid than bottled at cask strength with the help of Duncan Taylor the famous Independent bottler. basically those cask were chosen by the group (Led by Timothy so i am told) and then bottled in few numbers.

My whisky friend and blogger (he blogs in Russian so i guess only a few are familiar with his excellent blog) Mikhail Selivanov (A.K.A – Cu Dhub [black dog in Gaelic]) was kind enough to send me a few samples of their line – this one amongst them.

The first sample I chose was this Caperdonich, a distillery that is no longer, and sadly, as it has created some amazing drams during the 1970’s. Only 67 such bottles were made , distilled in 1972 and bottled at 48.3% in 2011 after it spent 3 months in a fresh Sherry octave cask.


Caperdonich 1972, Men o’Quiach, 48.3%, 38 year old

Nose:  Very sweet, almost bourbon like with a hefty amount of vanilla, yet very perfume like too. Dried fruits drenched in sweet liquor-   nice stuff going on here. Sweet honey with spicy wood, and rose water some maple, sugar, old wood varnish and cinnamon spice. really great stuff, if you like the woody spicy sweet profile, this is a prefect nose.

Palate: Starting on the spicy side with pepper, a lot of wood influence, as in wood spice, pencil shavings sort of, wood spices , cinnamon, ginger, chilly, burnt sugar, mint, vanilla in hefty quantities, getting drier towards the end, then some burnt sugar and dry fruits , raisins and dates compote.

Finish: Sweet with spicy wood, white pepper . dry yet carrying dried fruit until the very end.

Score: 90/100

Many thanks to MS for the sample

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