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Whisky Israel 300th post giveaway–And The Winner Is…

5 September 2011 1,828 views Written by: Gal Granov


First of all let me thank everyone who participated, and wished us happy birthday and 300th post. It was really hear warming to see so many replies from all over the world : USA,India,Israel,Europe,Australia,Africa and many others. But here it goes: *drums*:

The winner is:…. Menashe Almor.

A wee set of those lovely Balvenies will be on the way to your address (after you send me your address of course).

Thanks you all for participating. I will be reviewing those 3 wee Balvenies, in the coming days here, on the blog.


Happy dramming, and see you in our 400th post celebration!


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  • Anonymous

    Congrats Menashe!

    • Menashe

      thanks gal

      • Anonymous

        My pleasure. enjoy it mate.

      • Lawschooldrunk

        Can I get your empty bottles? ;)

        • http://www.whiskyisrael.co.il Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

          if you want them, you can have them. the empty minis?

  • Wee

    Why don’t you stop overusing the word “wee”?
    real scotts don’t use it all the time!
    Sounds too fake coming out of you! So you just try to sound like Ralfy. good for you! but stop being so annoying. every post of yours has wee everywhere. a wee sample. a wee dram. a wee prize. a wee set. COME ON! PATHETIC!

  • Guest

    “I will be reviewing those 3 wee Balvenies” – didn’t notice this one! my god, you even don’t know WHEN to use it, not to mention overusing it! please stop sounding elitistic.

  • Laurysc

    How come comments are being moderated here?
    I happen to agree with the previous guy who posted.

    • Anonymous

      Replying with no email or real address is considered spam.
      next time please log in with a valid identity.