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Tasting The BenRiach Authenticus 21 yo

27 July 2011 2,277 views Written by: Gal Granov

This one is the older brother of the 10 year old Curiositas I’ve reviewed in the past. Every year only 4800 bottles of this fine nectar are released.at 46% ABV, it’s non chill filtered, and natural colour, as we whisky geeks like!benriach-authenticus-21-year-old-whisky

BenRiach Authenticus 21 , 46% ABV , £60

Nose: A rather peaty nose, with quite a lot of smoke, and an underlying sweeter honeyed juice, with hints of apples, Sherry sweetness, the odd dried fruit, and spices.

Palate: Oodles of peat, on layers of sweet, spicy, honey juice. some leather, then off to more sultanas,dark chocolate and nuts. a lovely melange of peat and chocolate covered nuts.
Finish :Long, the peat dies slowly leaving the sweeter spices and honey juice around , with some oaky / woody feel to it. Lovely stuff!

Bottom line:

This is maybe my favourite Benriach in the series. It offers the maturity of spirit, with some wood and that lovely peat, and sherry influences are just right! Spot on.

Score: 89/100

Thanks to Don of the BenRiach for the official sample.

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  • Shai Gilboa

    I tired this one at WhiskyLive (see http://whiskyisrael.co.il/2011/03/22/visit-to-whisky-live-london-2011-part-3/) and I didn’t like it as it was full of fennel.

    Nice post. Maybe I need another go at it.

    • http://www.whiskyisrael.co.il Gal(WhiskyIsrael)


  • http://twitter.com/Macdeffe Steffen Bräuner

    This is a great whisky, I really like it. I have observed some batch variations, or maybe its just me changing :-)


    • Gal Granov

      indeed. I have not tasted many batches, so i can’t really say..

    • http://www.whiskyisrael.co.il Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

      I did not try more than one batch,so i can not say…

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