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GlenDronach Time : Session #5–Tasting the 20 yo ‘Tawny Port’ Finish

10 March 2011 1,796 views Written by: Gal Granov

Well, it’s nearly the end of the GlenDronach time period at Whisky Israel, and to sum up the finishes section I’ve saved the best for last (finish wise). I bring you the 20 year old Tawny Port finish, of a 20 year old GD whisky. After a good Sauternes, and even better Moscatel, it was hard to top those two, but i think this one is even a bit better. This dram  was initially matured in European oak and thereafter finished its maturation in a very small batch of Tawny Port barrels, which do the trick and add an even sweeter and more robust sweet flavours.


GlenDronach 20 year old, Tawny Port Finish , 46% ABV, £65

Colour : mahogany.
Nose : Sweet prunes , choya liqueur , port wine , dates , honey. Thick and sexy. A joy.
Palate: Thick oily and viscous. Sweet sugary entry with the dried fruit compote on the second wave.  The tawny port is very noticeable and is adding an interesting dimension, while not overshadowing some anise and and liquorice candy.
Finish :Long, sweet turning spicy with milk chocolate and burnt sugar.

Bottom line:

This is a really warming, sweet, and satisfying after meal dram, excellent stuff to sip in front of the fire in a cold winter day (If i had a fireplace, and if we really had any cold winter days here in Israel…). A real treat of a dram, adding the port profile to the sherry maturation, and not over imposing.This dram is not widely available on all shops, but still can be found on some online retailers sites (see link above).

Lovely stuff. Liked this one best of all the four finishes I’ve tasted in the last weeks by GD.

Score: 88/100

See you next week with the final tasting note of the GlenDronach time series : the 31 year old ‘Granduer’. worth the wait Winking smile

Gave a good weekend.


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  • http://bonarjee.in/ Kristoffer Egil Bonarjee

    Are you planning to try the newer 15yo port finish?

    • http://www.whiskyisrael.co.il Gal(WhiskyIsrael)

      Yes of Course. Waiting for an opportunity.
      U have tried it?

      • http://bonarjee.in/ Kristoffer Egil Bonarjee

        Not yet. Glendronach isn’t available in Norway, and we have such a high import duty on alcohol that it will have to wait a while :/